SAP MDM Info Collector

I am sure you know this situation: You have found a bug in the SAP MDM and you want to create an OSS message. The first question of the guy answering the OSS is: Can you send me all details about your MDM environment and also all the log files and an archive of the repository. To gather all this information it takes a lot of time and you can be sure that you will forget some essentail information.

But there is a tool which does all the work for your: the SAP MDM Info Collector. This tool provided from SAP.

You have to copy the whole folder in \usr\sap\ folder and configure the Java Virtual Machine path in the start script.

After that you can run the start script and you can see the info collector.


To download the info collector just open note 1522125 and follow the instructions

Hinweis 1522125 – MDM Info Collector: Snapshots zur Offline-Analyse anlegen

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