SAP MDM – Calculated Field

Hi all,


this is the first post about SAP MDM. I just want to collect some nice tips and tricks for SAP MDM, SAP BPM, SAP BRM and SAP CE. I was part of a large customer implementation and I just want to share my gained knowledge.


So let’s start today with a short hint regarding calculated fields.

As you probably know: calculated fields in SAP MDM can only be changed, if the respective repository is unloaded. That means updating a calculated field could take really long. My hint is now: Create a validation and add in this validation your calculation expression. You can add the same expressions in the validation as in the calculated field. It is not mandatory to return boolean in the validation. So just add your expression and set the option „callable“ to yes.

If you have now a look in the calculated field with the expression editor you will find the validation you created as a function.

With this trick you are able to change the calculation expression for calculated fields on the fly without unloading and loading the repository.

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