Configure Webservices for SAP MDM – Solution for Error connection_3005-Cannot connect with MDM using destination

This post tries to guide you, how to configure webservices in combination with SAP Master Data Management.

Prerequisites are that at least following components are deployed to your SAP Netweaver AS:


First of all you need to create a destination using the link http://<host>:<port>/mdm/destinations. If no trusted connection is implemented you need to enter here a valid user for the repository.

This destination allows you now to connect to your MDM Server.

After that you need to create your webservice. Via the link http://<host>:<port>/mdm/wsgenerator you can create your webservice. This webservice can then be deployed on your SAP Application Server.

If you try then to execute the webservice via the Webservice Navigator (http://<host>:<port>/wsnavigator) you will get an error message call „connection_3005-Cannot connect with MDM using destination“. The solution is to configure the user for your application in the right way. By default the „Admin“ user is used. In order to change it go to the Netweaver Administrator (http://<host>:<port>/nwa) and go to Configuration -> Infrastructure -> Java System Properties. Then go to Application and search for your Webservice application and select it. Then you can find in the tab Properties the user and password which is used to authenticate against the MDM. Change this user and password to a valid combination and it runs.

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